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a1 - About BCSM Community

Whenever the topic of serious illness is raised, it severely shifts the entire mood and dynamic of a family, a relationship, and even a home. It is a matter of fact that more and more people are being diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses each day—even when the person in question has always been the picture of good health and healthy habits.

With such an uncertainty in life, it would be important to be armed with information that would and could potentially help guide you and your family through a trying time. This is what BCSM Community is about. Led by our coordinator Brian Molina, we have all worked hard to build a resource for anyone who either suspects that they are ill or are presently fighting an illness that affects every facet of their lives.

It is our aim to publish thoughtful discussions and critical information that would be significantly useful for anyone undergoing any medical difficulties. Our writers are a mix of medical professionals from various fields of expertise and everyday professionals aiming to share their hands-on experiences with certain illnesses.

If there is anything in particular or any specific illness or treatment you would like for us to discuss, please let us know.