Channeling Your Pain: Artistic Ways You Can Express Your Feelings

Channeling Your Pain: Artistic Ways You Can Express Your Feelings

Living with cancer is never easy. You will always be struggling with more than just your physical health. Your emotions and your relationships with suffer as well—which is why it is important to find ways to find different ways to express your feelings. Luckily, creative arts therapy is now a full-fledge option for anyone experiencing any sort of pain or disturbance to their otherwise regular lives.

What is Creative Art Therapy?

This is the theory that creative activities which include arts, crafts, or even other artistic pursuits like dance or sculpting provide a good conduit that promotes healing. Creative art therapy has been known to help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fears
  • Unsettled emotions
  • Anger

Creative art therapy is something that is being applied to a multitude of healthcare centers which deal with serious illnesses. Creative art therapy is something that has been known to help patients of varying age and infirmity. What is great is that there are a lot of different artistic options that you can pursue.


We’ve mentioned a few ways you could express your pain through art. What other people ay not realize is that there are other creative ways to show your pain. Like:


31 - Channeling Your Pain: Artistic Ways You Can Express Your Feelings

This is something that has recently surged in popularity. A lot of craft stores now offer classes that focus on calligraphy. This particular art form can be used in journaling and making cards. Calligraphy is good because it introduces the idea of masterful strokes and controlled ink application to get a desired effect.

Spoken Word Poetry

32 - Channeling Your Pain: Artistic Ways You Can Express Your Feelings

You would be surprised at how much poetry can really help expressing thoughts and feelings. There are always local businesses that host poetry night. Many of these nights are comprised of individuals with their own crosses to bear. Being around such individuals can help you express your own thoughts and feelings.

Dungeons and Dragons RPG

33 - Channeling Your Pain: Artistic Ways You Can Express Your Feelings

An RPG (role-playing game) is a fantastic way to express your creativity. You get to take a break from your reality and explore the facets of a new life and a new identity. The different situations can help exercise your mind and your emotions. You can let loose as much as you want while still staying true to the character that you’ve chosen to build.

Before You Go

You do not have go full on into creative mode if you do not feel like it. What we do hope for is that you consider expressing your thoughts through an art form that you are comfortable with. Not everyone is all that comfortable in talking to someone else about their feelings. If you aren’t artistic, you can consider writing down your thoughts in a journal. Words count as art as well.

Which particular artistic ways would you consider trying out?

5 Steps to Keeping Your Kids Safe & Healthy Near the Pool

Children At Swimming Pool - 5 Steps to Keeping Your Kids Safe & Healthy Near the Pool

Summer is upon u! A quick dip in the soothing waters of the swimming pool will do a great job of cooling off every member of your family (including your youngest). It becomes a central family activity during such hot times of the year. Speaking of the young, you may be concerned about your kids’ safety around the pool and may be wondering the best ways to keep them secure whilst you spend some quality family time near it. As naturally inquisitive creatures, children will not have a high regard for any pool safety rules that you may wish to establish. Logic would state that teach them how to swim as soon as possible. And when you are not around, aim to minimize access to the pool area.

Regardless of this, you must watch your children like a hawk and never take your eyes off them. However, apart from intense visual scrutiny, there are times when you may not be around and may need to take additional precautions to ensure safety around the pool. Fortunately, Willsha Pools who are a Full-Service Pool & Outdoor Living Company serving DFW Metroplex have five important steps you can implement to achieve this objective and thus, enjoy peace of mind.

Lock the Door & Windows

It is possible that you either own an outdoor pool or an indoor one. No matter what the nature of the pool area, you must insert locks to ensure nobody can enter the vicinity. These locks must be unbreakable. It is highly recommended that such strong locks be installed on every door and window that leads to the pool. An unfortunate number of drownings have occurred in the past due to parents not realizing that their children have figured out how to open the door knob and sneak into the pool area. All pet-friendly doors must be locked as well. Kids tend to be small in size and can squeeze in without you knowing. We know it sounds really scary, but is not prevention better than any form of cure?

Put in an Alarm

Here is an additional tip to go along with locks on doors and windows: install an alarm system that will sound off whenever a door or window is disturbed outside normal pool hours. Not only that, an alarm in the pool area will warn you when a child is entering the swimming pool premises without adult supervision or permission.

There is another type of pool alarm that you can consider procuring. It goes off when a weighty object enters the water (such as a human being). This kind of alarm has to be frequently tested to ensure reliability and functionality. Also, you have to be in close proximity to hear it and make it back to the pool in time to rescue or check who is present in the swimming pool. You could also invest in those pool alarms that create a beam of light around the pool if someone enters. However, if the beam fails to launch, then a loud sound will ring out to signal the concerned authorities of the breach.

Cover the Pool

Pool covers are an effective instrument via which you can cut off a child’s access to the swimming pool. Their very design is meant to kids out when used in the correct fashion. Do bear in mind that a pool cover must be able to support weight equivalent to that of an average adult’s. Place the pool cover securely in its position to ensure that nobody can jump in. Hosting a pool party or just having a fun family time frolicking around in the swimming pool? Then, take off the pool cover immediately and toss it aside. This will make sure that nobody gets stuck underneath it.

The one thing you must be conscious off is that if the weather changes from sunny to rainy, rainwater may collect in the cover and will have to be removed immediately. Feel free to pump it or drain the water away. It may surprise you but even mere inches of rainwater in a wet pool cover can prove to be a jeopardy for a child. When you place the pool cover in its place, make sure you lock it once you are away so that nobody can remove it in your absence.

Take Up Swimming Lessons

We spend the first nine months of our lives in water within our mothers’ wombs. As natural water babies, it is never too early to teach your child how to swim. Of course, we do not mean new-borns! Check with your family paediatrician and see what his recommendation is. Children that fall within the age bracket of one to four years are generally considered to be old enough to learn how to swim. Of course, you still need to be around them when they are learning how to swim and even when they become little mermaids within the pool. Get them to wear life preservers or personal flotation devices (such as arms bands) that will keep them above the surface of the swimming pool water.

Put Up A Pool Fence

This is a worthy option to consider. Put up a barrier or fence around your swimming pool along with an entrance gate that can be locked when nobody is around to supervise children. Check with your local town centre and see if there are any regulations or laws in place that guide the installation of domestic and/or residential pool fences. We do recommend that pool fences should be a minimum of five feet in height and not have any spaces in between. You do not want your child trying to squeeze in and getting stuck in the process! That would be as bad! Go a step further and incorporate a sign that says no entrance without adult supervision. If you are one of the smart ones who opt to invest in pool insurance, then your insurance service provider may not even evaluate your application if there is no pool fence installed to ensure maximum child safety.





You Are Not Alone: Three Reasons Why You Should Reach Out After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

You Are Not Alone: Three Reasons Why You Should Reach Out After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When it comes to dealing with the harsh reality of metastatic breast cancer, it is important to realize that you are not alone and that this is not the end of the line. If you do receive such a diagnosis, we want to emphasize the importance of reaching out.

Why Reach Out?

When it comes to breast cancer, it is quite critical that you do not keep this to yourself. Here are a few good reasons why you should reach out:

You Need a Stabilizer

Getting a dreadful diagnosis will undoubtedly knock the wind out of your sails. No one has been immune to this. Yes, even some of the members of our writing team have personally experienced this and do know what they are talking about. Reaching out to someone—preferably someone you trust—will help you stabilize your thoughts and your feelings. This stabilizer could also work as a sounding board for all your thoughts, fears, and concerns. Think Carrie Bradshaw for Samantha Jones during her breast cancer scare.

You Need Information

This understandably a rather difficult moment in your life and it is important that you realize that the decisions that you make after you get your diagnosis will determine your overall health. In order to secure the best sort of choices for yourself, you need information. Support groups and organizations collect as much information as they possibly can in order to give people data to help shape their choices.

You Need to Meet Other People like You

They say that misery loves company but when it comes to breast cancer, misery is just a part of a beautiful package. People in general take their strength from the people that surround them. So in this precarious time in your life, it would be important to surround yourself with people that have already been where you presently are. Allow their knowledge and experience set a path for you to follow.

Before You Go

You are stronger than your diagnosis. More and more women are now living and thriving with MBC. Just because you’ve received some difficult news does not mean that there is nothing else that you can do with your life. Yes, there is going to be a lot of difficulty but you are never alone in this fight. There are several organization and even women who all band together to provide care and support for those diagnosed with MBC.

Why do you think it is important to reach out after a breast cancer diagnosis?

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The “C” Word: Why Taking Control Over the Meaning of a Word Counts

The “C” Word: Why Taking Control Over the Meaning of a Word Counts

What’s in a word or a meaning? What is it about certain words that can vastly affect the state of thinking, feelings, and in this case—even healing? Today, we explore the power of words especially when “the big C” is in focus.

What’s In a Word?

Words can be pretty powerful things. They can lift you up or break you down. A wrongly said word at a critical time can cause irreparable damage. At the reverse side of the coin, the right word at the right time can bring a family closer together than ever before. When it comes to the concept of cancer, the words associated with it count for a lot.

The word cancer often connotes a rather grim outlook. When you tell someone that you have cancer, the way that they look at you changes. The way they look at themselves changes as well. This is because everyone probably knows someone that has been afflicted with cancer—we just think it won’t happen to us. In fact, most of us hope and pray that it will never happen to us.

The word cancer is actually a broad word that has been given the task to encompass all the different sorts of afflictions that have affected mankind through the different decades. There are so many people out there that just hear the word ‘cancer’ and immediately change their outlook in life. This opens them up to the risk of over diagnosis and overtreatment.

For example, should you come across the word IDLE or indolent lesions of epithelial origin, you should pay close attention. This means that the disease is present but has a very, very low risk for a metastatic spread.

Before You Go

You are more than your diagnosis. Your attitude will vastly determine how well you will be able to handle the incoming treatments, medicine, and even therapy (if you choose to undergo any). If you’ve ever heard the saying “your body reflects what you hold in your heart” then you will know what we are talking about. Just because you are either diagnosed with cancer or suspect you have cancer does not mean that you should give in to despair.

There are so many people out there that are living proof that taking control over the meaning of a word gives you more than a fighting chance. It gives you a weapon of your own that you can wield to win your struggle.

Why do you think taking control over the meaning of a word counts?

Test Result Talk: What Different Ways Can a Patient Receive a Result?

Test Result Talk: What Different Ways Can a Patient Receive a Result?

One’s health can be a pretty precarious thing to address. Usually, when someone feels that something is wrong, we go to a doctor, undergo some tests, and wait for the result. When it comes to dealing with something incredibly challenging like waiting to get a result of a doctor’s appointment that may possibly carry bad news, are there other ways to receive it?

Actually, there are

When it comes to getting the results of an examination, our choices are no longer as linear as they used to be. We would like to emphasize that while you are able to receive your results in a variety of ways, you will still need to return to your physician. It is always best to get a follow-up to see if there is anything else that needs to be done.

Nowadays, your chosen healthcare professional can get results to you in several ways. Here are some of them:


11 - Test Result Talk: What Different Ways Can a Patient Receive a Result?

Results can now be received through your computer or phone. Your physician can send you your test results along with any instruction to return for additional testing, necessary treatments, or a comprehensive explanation of your results. A lot of the time, however, patients tend to not check their mail effectively. There are certain times when critical emails are sent to the spam folder.

While email is an swift method, it may not entirely be effective.

Phone Call

12 - Test Result Talk: What Different Ways Can a Patient Receive a Result?

If you’re the type of person that would rather be told things rather than be asked to read something, you can hand over your phone number to your physician. From there, they will be able to give you the result of your testing. They can also give you better tips on what comes next. This is one of the biggest reasons why getting a result via phone call is one of the preferred methods.

Via a Family Member

13 - Test Result Talk: What Different Ways Can a Patient Receive a Result?

If you would prefer to have the news broken to you by a trusted family member (or a friend) you can have them speak to your physician. That way, your healthcare specialist will know and can sufficiently guide the messenger how to best break the news.

Before You Go

You do have a choice when it comes to how you choose to receive your news. There are a lot of options waiting for you—all you have to do is choose. The method you choose should be something you are wholly comfortable with. What is more important is not how you receive the message; it is what you choose to do with the message once you have received it.

How would you choose to receive a patient result?

Before You Leap: Things to Consider Before Getting That Mastectomy

Before You Leap: Things to Consider Before Getting That Mastectomy

When the concept of breast cancer creeps up on you, it isn’t a big leap of logic to consider what you can do to save yourself from it. One of these things would be a mastectomy.

What is a Mastectomy?

This is a surgery that involves the removal of the breast tissue. While there are several degrees in which the breast tissue is removed from partial or total, this is one surgery that can be completely elective. Mastectomy is something that a lot of women have been choosing to undergo in order to preempt breast cancer.

Here are a few things you need to consider before getting that mastectomy:

Going Under the Knife More than Once

A mastectomy may take several surgeries to get all the breast tissue out completely (if you choose to get a total mastectomy). As the tissue is too close to the lungs and even the heart, doctors cannot linger long. Not a lot of people realize that mastectomies may require several procedures in order to get the desired result.

Do You Have a Support System?

We’re not referring to your healthcare provider or even your insurance. A Mastectomy will not just be a drastic physical change. There will be massive psychological changes as well. Most doctors will tell you that you will need to have someone with you through the whole process.

Before You Go

A Mastectomy is a procedure that you should think about thoroughly before you consider going through it. You must include someone you trust implicitly in your journey. You do not have to face this alone in the least. There are a lot of online communities like us that are ready to lend a hand when it is needed and wanted.

Do you think you would consider undergoing a mastectomy when it came to it?

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All in This Together: Benefits of Joining Communities Interested in Health Talks

All in This Together: Benefits of Joining Communities Interested in Health Talks

When it comes to the topic of health, it is important to know that you are not alone in this. Everyone is interested and invested in better health—especially when there is illness present. Today, we wanted to discuss some of the very real benefits of joining communities that are interested in health talks.

If you join a community that’s focused on the topic of health (like BCSM Community) you benefit from:

Supportive People

1 - All in This Together: Benefits of Joining Communities Interested in Health Talks

There is nothing quite like the support of people who are going through the same thing. When dealing with a serious illness, the support of people who truly understand can help A LOT. Organic sympathy counts more than any well-made wish by someone who has never been ill.

Tested Knowledge Pool

2 - All in This Together: Benefits of Joining Communities Interested in Health Talks

Communities (whether organization online or offline) spend a lot of their time trying to gather as much as useful information as they can. The ones that are usually part of such communities are those who personally are ill or presently have someone in their life that is. As such, the advice that they can dispense is more reliable.

Discounts and Treats

3 - All in This Together: Benefits of Joining Communities Interested in Health Talks

Communities whether offline or online regularly have events. These events can involve healthcare professionals which often offer their expertise at a bigger discount that usual. There will also be a great opportunity to help support the ventures that are made to help fund a treatment. A lot of families and friends of people who are ill pull together and sell wares that are building toward a fund.

Before You Go

With each and every year that passes, there are better discoveries being made in the world of medicine. Being part of communities will help improve your chances of hearing about it and your interactions with other people in the community may even spark these discoveries. No matter where you are, you affect a change simply by being there.

What benefits did you reap when you joined a community focused on discussing health and wellness?