Treatment versus Letting Go: What You Need to Know

It is a reality of life that certain illnesses can really ravage the mind and the body. In an ideal world, everyone would be able to afford treatment or even not have to go through and illness. However, we all know too well that this is not how life is. Today, we wanted to discuss something that at one or several points in the journey with illness shall be considered: treatment versus letting go.


41 - Treatment versus Letting Go: What You Need to Know

In the midst of treatment, you must remember that you will suffer through side effects that will feel worse than the illness itself. This is particularly true regarding chemotherapy and even subsequent surgeries. So you need to consider if this is something that you want to do personally rather than something that you are doing for the sake of your loved ones.

They may be in this fight with you but they are not the ones who will have to undergo treatment—there is a world of difference in that.

Letting Go

42 - Treatment versus Letting Go: What You Need to Know

Just because you can choose to let go does not automatically equate to giving up. This is something that we feel needs a bit more emphasis. When you choose to not pursue treatment, everyone around you needs to realize that this is a personal choice.

There are now a lot of other options for those that choose to not undergo any sort of treatment. For example:

Palliative Care

This refers to special medical care which can include, but is not limited to, pain relief. While palliative care can be done alongside treatment, they are not mutually exclusive. One can choose to have palliative care without having any treatment. If you choose not to undergo any treatment, palliative care teams can help link you to organizations that can help improve your journey with illness.

Hospice Care

Hospice care is the sort of care that focuses more on the quality of your life rather than its length. Hospices are for those that are in the latter phases of an incurable illness.

Before You Go

No matter what you decide, you must think everything through. Consider how this must affect your loved ones and how to best discuss the idea of either pursuing treatment or choosing to let go. Regardless of your choice, we hope that you are at peace with where you are presently.

If it came down to it would you choose to pursue with treatment or consider letting go?

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