Before You Leap: Things to Consider Before Getting That Mastectomy

When the concept of breast cancer creeps up on you, it isn’t a big leap of logic to consider what you can do to save yourself from it. One of these things would be a mastectomy.

What is a Mastectomy?

This is a surgery that involves the removal of the breast tissue. While there are several degrees in which the breast tissue is removed from partial or total, this is one surgery that can be completely elective. Mastectomy is something that a lot of women have been choosing to undergo in order to preempt breast cancer.

Here are a few things you need to consider before getting that mastectomy:

Going Under the Knife More than Once

A mastectomy may take several surgeries to get all the breast tissue out completely (if you choose to get a total mastectomy). As the tissue is too close to the lungs and even the heart, doctors cannot linger long. Not a lot of people realize that mastectomies may require several procedures in order to get the desired result.

Do You Have a Support System?

We’re not referring to your healthcare provider or even your insurance. A Mastectomy will not just be a drastic physical change. There will be massive psychological changes as well. Most doctors will tell you that you will need to have someone with you through the whole process.

Before You Go

A Mastectomy is a procedure that you should think about thoroughly before you consider going through it. You must include someone you trust implicitly in your journey. You do not have to face this alone in the least. There are a lot of online communities like us that are ready to lend a hand when it is needed and wanted.

Do you think you would consider undergoing a mastectomy when it came to it?

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