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Hello and welcome to BCSM Community. We are an online publication and resource that is dedicated in providing real discussions and useful information about health and illness. It is our hope that with every article that we publish, better knowledge and higher quality of living would be promoted for those that are presently struggling with a serious illness.

When there is illness present, it doesn’t restrict its effects to the afflicted. Illness greatly affects those around them as well—especially friends and loved ones. As our goal is to promote better knowledge, we’ve tried to find the best sort of information sources out there. We were lucky enough to find a couple and will now share them with you.

Bright Pink

This organization provides countless critical data and discussions about breast cancer. They even have a little quiz that you can take to assess your risk for this disease. After you take the test, they give you additional information as to why each question counts and how you can better your odds of not contracting breast cancer.

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Cancer Resource Center

This site focuses on the continued research and support for all types of cancer. They are affiliated with countless of organizations that have volunteers and aid for those that are diagnosed or suspect that they have cancer.

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If there is any particular resource that you make use of, do let us know and we will add it to this page. After all, we are all in this together so let’s all work together to provide sources that we can all use down the road.