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Hello and welcome to BCSM Community.

As you may know, we are an online publication that is dedicated to the topic of health. We are particularly focused on the importance of diagnosis and what can be done to elevate living after a diagnosis. As such, we are very interested in providing a connection between our readers and sources that they can heavily benefit from. Here are a few examples of sources that we are looking to host ads for:

Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional specializing in a particular field—especially one which deals with oncology—we would love to advertise your practice. A second or even a third opinion can mean the difference between extensive treatment and someone’s peace of mind.


We are trying to foster a good sense of community—not just for the afflicted but also for their families. So if you are part or represent any community or organization that aims to provide a good support for anyone dealing with an illness or provide useful information for their friends or families, we would love to run your ads here.

Illness is serious but it doesn’t mean that everything should be somber and spiraling downward. If your business, product, or event would help our readers achieve a better quality of living or provide them with critical knowledge about tackling illnesses, we would like to host your ads here. If you’re interested, please get in touch with Mr. Molina so that we can start to process your advertisements.