The “C” Word: Why Taking Control Over the Meaning of a Word Counts

What’s in a word or a meaning? What is it about certain words that can vastly affect the state of thinking, feelings, and in this case—even healing? Today, we explore the power of words especially when “the big C” is in focus.

What’s In a Word?

Words can be pretty powerful things. They can lift you up or break you down. A wrongly said word at a critical time can cause irreparable damage. At the reverse side of the coin, the right word at the right time can bring a family closer together than ever before. When it comes to the concept of cancer, the words associated with it count for a lot.

The word cancer often connotes a rather grim outlook. When you tell someone that you have cancer, the way that they look at you changes. The way they look at themselves changes as well. This is because everyone probably knows someone that has been afflicted with cancer—we just think it won’t happen to us. In fact, most of us hope and pray that it will never happen to us.

The word cancer is actually a broad word that has been given the task to encompass all the different sorts of afflictions that have affected mankind through the different decades. There are so many people out there that just hear the word ‘cancer’ and immediately change their outlook in life. This opens them up to the risk of over diagnosis and overtreatment.

For example, should you come across the word IDLE or indolent lesions of epithelial origin, you should pay close attention. This means that the disease is present but has a very, very low risk for a metastatic spread.

Before You Go

You are more than your diagnosis. Your attitude will vastly determine how well you will be able to handle the incoming treatments, medicine, and even therapy (if you choose to undergo any). If you’ve ever heard the saying “your body reflects what you hold in your heart” then you will know what we are talking about. Just because you are either diagnosed with cancer or suspect you have cancer does not mean that you should give in to despair.

There are so many people out there that are living proof that taking control over the meaning of a word gives you more than a fighting chance. It gives you a weapon of your own that you can wield to win your struggle.

Why do you think taking control over the meaning of a word counts?

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